At Simadan, nothing

containing usable material

is wasted


Biodiesel Amsterdam is part of the Simadan Group. The Simadan Groep is a global, unique industrial ecosystem in which no usable energy or materials are lost in the processing of organic residual waste streams and used cooking oils.


No less than 99.9% of the materials Simadan collects are recycled into second-generation biodiesel, biogas, bio heating oil, bioglycerine and biofertiliser. All this results in a maximum reduction of CO2 emissions. Upcycling natural raw materials reduces the use of fossil fuels. The use of green energy offers a unique and effective solution for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


The Simadan site is in the Amsterdam port area – one of the main logistical hubs in the world, where goods are transported to the rest of Europe fast and efficiently, using a variety of modes of transport. This is an excellent location for Simadan, where multiple companies contribute harmoniously to the processing of organic residual streams.


The sophisticated processing facility of Simadan integrates the processes of  RotieBiodiesel AmsterdamTankstorage AmsterdamCleaning Services Amsterdam and Noba Vital LipidsYou can read more about the Simadan Group by visiting their website..

The Simadan companies